Operation plume

Saran Wrap

Our Mission

At 1:30 four volunteers will leave the cabin and locate Mr.Plume's vehicle; where they will Saran Wrap only the doors closed. To do this  they will need 8 boxes of coloered Saran Wrap, a pair of scissors, lights, and at least 4 people helping. It's easy to clean up and it will not damage the car at all. This should take little under an hour to do. Reason why we want to do this is because its easy, cost effective, and safe. We liked this idea because it would be funny and its not time consuming.

Back up plan

If for some reason Mr. Plume is unable to attend the camping trip, we plan to conduct a similar prank at the high school. We plan to have one of the teachers call him into our classroom to distract him, then four volunteers will go down to his office and Saran Wrap his door.

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