Kemper Matador Store Deck Oven - Stratton Sales

Stratton sales provide 'Kemper Matador Store Deck Oven' real evenness is guaranteed by the unique ZYKLOTHERM® heating system. Crispness, crustiness, even browning and full flavour development are guaranteed with the MATADOR.Steam in excess, baking batch for batch – not a problem for the MATADOR. Saturated steam flows rapidly into the ovens. 75% relative humidity is already achieved before the end of the first minute. The hot baking chamber air is fed out through exhaust flaps together with excess steam.

Benefits :

  • Stone plate
  • Top and bottom heat can be regulated in each deck
  • Crispy crust due to heavy-duty steam system
  • Nostalgic design
  • Energy saving mode
  • Decks fused separately
  • Instore baking modular system
  • Easy to clean