Gmonay's Adventure to the Westward

Made By: Gianni Teel

Manifest Destiny is a fascinating travel. Moving to the west is one of the fairest walks i ever had .

       While me and my family travel i'm going to tell you what happened down there in the wild. people screaming and baby's crying everybody was getting on my nerves. Just as I realized if my sister is in the cover wagon then nobody knows what where doing? Where we are going? and ,who is showing us the directions. I ask my sister for the map but to me it seems like she ate it instead, her respond was "I don't know and when are we going to eat again" my sister said. I told her there is a problem we might have a chance of dying in starvation if you keep acting up and start eating allot. My mother started to yell at my brother to but the weirdest thing happen my uncle Andre just popped out of the covers !! Everybody was amazed of how he got here with out our sight he told us the plan but made everyone upset because we already had a lack of supplies.

The supplies we have to survive me and my wild family!

  • Water
  • Food; such as grains and other foods
  • Blankets

Traveling to the west!!

The conversations that we usually have riding to the west.

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