Teksavers Is The Largest Reseller Of Used Cisco Equipment In The World

Teksavers is a well established Network Systems Integrator as well as supplier of new and used Cisco and other IT products. Our offices are located in Austin and Singapore, and we offer a wide selection of IT networking equipment, including cables, laptops, memory, rackmounts, telephony/VOIP, wireless, tranceivers/GBIC, security, power supplies, router modules, fixed and configurable routers, switches- configurable and fixed, switch modules, and more.

Business entrepreneurs who want to save a good deal of money can buy high quality used Cisco equipment from us. These devices are much cheaper as compared to new equipment. New Cisco devices instantly become used ones as soon as their box is opened. You can research these devices to find how many companies have employed it prior to you. It is possible that you might purchase a piece of equipment that is merely an open box piece and has never been used, actually. Additionally, you can buy a plethora of different devices and a better warranty for your bucks with us. We have a huge clientele base, and have serviced thousands of companies by offering:

- A wide variety of hardware choices
- Best prices on proven, tested brand names
- Used and new top quality IT devices
- A blend of credible brand names and approved hardware configurations
- Well versed and seasoned staff members who are always ready to assist our clients

Teksavers has been catering to the needs of its customer from a decade, and has instantly recognized itself as one of the largest IT hardware equipment resellers and buyers only within 1 or 2 years. We also offer you an excellent opportunity to sell your used Cisco equipment at our store. We are proud to be the largest buyer of used devices in the world and have set up our purchasing group at the company for the ease of people. To convert your useless equipment into cash, you can call at our toll free number (866) 832-6188, or can visit our website at http://www.teksavers.com .