Spirit grew up in the wild with a herd of horses and as he got older he became the leader. One day some colonist were camping out and Spirit went over there and then.... THEY COUGHT HIM! Spirit got separated from his herd and was forced to get ridden, a few days later some indians came and busted him out and took Spirit to there tribe. Spirit liked it there and didn't want to leave. But sadly the colonist came back and had a war with the indians, Spirit ran off with his friend horse Rain.They found themselves with many challenges to face, but when they got back with the indians, Spirit and Rain had to say there goodbyes and head back to the herd were Spirit first grew up and make their own family.

Implication 1: it teaches use too never give up and fight for what you believe in

Implication 2: and love is a powerful thing and will do anything for that person/animal to make them happy.

QUESTION: Have you ever been in a situation where you get separated from the people you love?

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