Digital editing 7E - Rahmali  Charlie
In these Last Few Lesson I Have been learning How To edit Your Photo , Create Your Own Website and Tips To Be A Better Photographer So The Last Lessons I Have being Searching pictures On Chrome And  Being Editing it On pixlr Which Is A really good website That Can Give all  sorts Of Cool Stuff to  Make Your picture Better So I Have Chosen Teamwork And These Are My Photo that I Have Uploaded On Tack.

This is a photo that was random found and I like the picture and  saved it because its shows teamwork and that these two men worked together to save these wounded men.


Now here I didn't do much because the picture is already good so I have added a text and ripped paper boarder.

This is a photo of pit crew and its show these people working together to get the job done!

Well here I just random but don't judge because I don't even know what I have added  .

this is an teamwork photo that i random search as teamwork so yeah this is the original but when you scroll down its awesome

i guess this is pretty cool because i have added all sort of cool effects to this wonderful photo.

well i save this one for last because its my favourite because i want to join the army and help a fellow soldier with these rockstars.

well i have gave everything that i think that was enough to rock this photo so thanks for visiting my website and hope that you follow me!

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