"Developing an action plan to deal with the problem of Methamphetamine"

1. "A written explanation of how our group could develop support among individuals and groups in our community for our proposed plan."

a.) Identify influential individuals and groups in your community who might be willing to support your proposed policy. Briefly describe how you might gain their support.
Those who might be willing to support our proposed policy are concerned family members. Meth users would only cause their loved ones and friends to be in pain also. Even if you are not dependent on meth, it might be an issue on your family members. We can gain their support but letting them know that we are on their side, trying to help as much of their loved ones as possible. Let them know that we're not going to give up hope.

b.) Identify groups in your community which might oppose your policy. Explain how you might convince them to support your proposed policy.
Those who might oppose our policy are those who are dependent on methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a highly addicted and very potent central nervous stimulant known as meth. People who are addicted to meth have their reasons. Many people at first would try it out of curiosity. Others would use it for specific reasons such as staying awake, improve concentration, weight loss or boost energy. Regular users would have difficulties quitting and have problems with physical and mental health. Convincing them to stop, they should know that it would impact on themselves and loved ones. To convince that group we have to show them what really matters. Their loved ones, friends and also living is important. We have to hit them hard in the heart, we can't just ask them politely and hope that they give in. We have to show that there are still people who care.

2. "A written explanation of how our group could develop support from the government for our proposed policy."

a.) Identify influential government officials and agencies which might be willing to support your policy. Briefly describe how you might get them to support the policy of your group.
Influential government officials which might be willing to support our policy is the White House. The President has outlined a vision for an America built to last. Because of the enormous economic costs of drug use, the Obama Administration plans to reduce drug use and it's consequences. It is called the National Drug Control Strategy, which is a science-based plan and contains more than 100 specific reforms to support it to protect public health and safety in America.
How we might get them to support the policy of our group is by gathering facts, graphs, signatures, etc.., to show them that its not a game, to show them that we are serious about this cause that harms are great country.

b.) Identify persons in your government who might oppose your policy. Explain how you might convince them to support your proposed.

How we might convince these people in our government who might oppose of it is that Hawaii is the leading nation of meth use. A new study released by Quest Diagnostic Incorporated shows that Hawaii has the highest percentage in the nation of methamphetamine users at work. Pounds of quantities of ice have been deported from the southwest regions of the U.S. Meth has been smuggled into Guam from Hong Kong, Korea, and the Philippines. Domestic violence, child neglect, hostage situations, and homicides is continually increasing throughout the state due to ice abuse and violent crimes. Far too many Americans who use meth, has jeopardized the economy, families, communities and neighborhoods. We can convince them by showing them, how much american lives are being hurt by the drug over load in this country, show them that its not just affecting individuals but its affecting the next generation that suppose to lead this country.

This graph shows that over the years, teens in high schools nation wide have been getting drug tested and it shows a good amount of decrease of use. I choose this picture because it has to deal with a nation wide policy and also its a school wide policy also. This to me, is a very good idea to determine the amount of teens that needs help.

The reason I choose this picture because even though using drugs may mess up how someone looks, there's still hope to fix it. The picture on the right was when this women was on meth, the picture on the right was her after a couple of her recovering.


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Currency: The information is current to our topic because it has videos from less than a year ago.

Relevance: The intended audience are for people that are looking for a change.

Authority: The url looks good because it has the name itself. "whitehouse.gov"

Accuracy: This information comes from people that planning on making the change like President Obama.

Purpose: The purpose of this information is to show people that they won't give up on this situation.

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Currency: Sep. 2, 2011

Relevance: This information relates to our topic because it shows how bad is Hawaii's drug use.

Authority: This person that made this article was basically an author of hawaii news now.

Accuracy: There isn't really any information showing that this article is accurate.

Purpose: I say the reason for all this information was to show us how bad is Hawaii in meth use compared to other states.

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