Love at Fist Sight!

Shakespearean Unit

Lesson Plan: Shakespearean Unit

Content objectives: I will read, view, discuss, and complete various assignments concerning Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet.

Language objectives: I will read the play in class and online. I will also view the play (theatrical performances - not a movie).  I will read each Act, and I will work collaboratively with my fellow classmates and/or independently on assignments before and after each Act.  

R & J Pre-Reading

Pre-reading activities

The Life Changing Lesson Hook

ASSIGNMENT: Take a survey! Using your phone or any other electronic device that can video record, survey 6 teenagers (3 females and 3 males) and ask them: Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? Upload your video on TACKK. Your submission should not be longer than 5 minutes.


The Prologue

The Teaser Hook

ASSIGNMENT: With your assigned partner, you will collaborate on producing a multimedia production of the Prologue. It should be creative and it should contain the entire Prologue. Again, upload your multimedia submission on TACKK...


Act 1

The Story Telling Hook

Assignment: With your assigned partner, find an appropriate APP to help you create a story board to summarize and show the sequence of events in Act 1. Your story board must have 8 to 10 frames. Be creative! Again upload your submission on TACKK...


Act 2

The Mozart Hook

Assignment: Find a song that best represents the theme of Act 2 and use the song in a multimedia presentation (with the lyrics and images) to present to the class. Be creative and be original...there are so many songs to choose from!


Act 3

The Drama Hook

Assignment: You will either be a Capulet or a Montague for this activity. Once you are in your designated "family" you will re-enact the fight scene between the Capulets, with Tybalt, and the Montagues, with Mercutio and Romeo.  You and your "family" members are responsible for your props, scenery, costumes, and script. You may translate the words of Shakespeare into modern day language (yet remaining true to the plot) or recite the actual words of Shakespeare.   

Act 4

The Opportunistic Hook

Assignment: As a class period, we will have a chat on TWITTER about teen suicide. Prior to the TWITTER session, you will read the following non-fiction article in order to respond to questions I will post.

Act 5

The Picasso Hook

Assignment: find or create/draw an appropriate image (painting, drawing, photo) that symbolizes love, family, or tragedy, and use it as your inspiration to write a Sonnet about the plot of Romeo and Juliet.  You may use an APP of your choosing such as Pic-Collage to display your Sonnet.  You will present your work to the class.


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