6.MEH.1.1 Decision making model


You promised your grandma you would help her on Saturday, nut you get invited to a fun trip that day somewhere else

What would you do?


You can go help your grandma or go on the trip

Possible outcome

You could get money from your grandma if you help her

You could always help your grandma another time

If you go on the trip your grandma might be sad and mad

The trip might be the only one you can go on and this could be the only time

Consider value

The trip might be really fun

You can get a chance to hang out with friends

Your grandma might give you money or a reward

It gives you time to spend with your grandma

Make a decision

I will go on the trip on the weekend and after school on monday I will go to her hous and help her and every other day until we are finished

Evaluate decision

It gives me a chance to go on the trip and also help my grandma

Unless she needs it done on the weekend then someone else can help her

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