On a Sunday , I'm usually still up by 12a.m in my room watching TV having a late night snack until 12:45 a.m then I finally fall asleep. When 2 a.m comes I always wake up for no apparent reason and check my smartphone then when 2:30 hit im still up like I cannot fall asleep  -_- . As the morning comes round 8 a.m I wake up and take a shower while listening to a playlist I made on the beats app . After I get out i unplug my phone and get on Facebook and Instagram while I eat my breakfast. As the day slowly passes I decide to get on my laptop and work on my homework while listening to music because it keeps me calm. Later during the day I get on kik when my phone start vibrating like crazy , that's when I decide to mute the chat. As he day continues I usually go out and use snapchat unless it gets awkward then I stop. Round 10 I go in the living room and watch a scary movie or something on TV to past the time. As 11 comes it passes rapidly as I listen to music an play the game . After I get bored I call it a night but always end up on my smartphone til 2 a.m , I still don't know why .

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