Grigory Rasputin (Mysterious)

Role in Government

Rasputin had a great influence over the Romanov family.  After healing their sick child, he gained a massive amount of trust from Czarina, but not from the citizens of Russia.  While Nicolas II left to be in the war, Rasputin gained power and gave his followers government jobs even though they were not capable of doing an efficent job.  There were rumors that Rasputin was working with the Central Powers to ensure Russia's defeat in the war.  The citizens hated him, which led to the fall of the monarchy.

Long Term Goals

One of Rasputins long term goals was to make up his own religion and to possible overthrow Czar Nicholas II.


1.  Known for healing and helping the czars son with his disease (hemophilia)

2.  Helped with the fall of the monarchy because of his influence on Czarina.

3.  He was liked by Czarina, but hated by the rest of society.

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