Celebrities That Actually Have Degrees From Different Universities

The idea of a celebrity who has a college degree is all but fascinating. One would normally think that a celebrity would just be all about looks, acting prowess and the ability to have a job that is envied by many. But it is quite unusual for celebrities to be inside classrooms listening to lectures, taking exams and graduating in very reputable schools with a good bachelor degree.

There are hundreds of celebrity A-listers which do have a degree from different universities, but here are just some of our most popular personalities:

Natalie Portman is a graduate from the Harvard University with a degree in Psychology. The actress from the movie hit ‘The Black Swan’ became even more the ‘ideal celebrity crush’ for her impressive grades while she was studying. From being a celebrity way back when she was still young, she took her time off of the cameras and into class just so she can earn her degree. Harvard was even proud to have her on board as she also became one of the school’s role models, having posters around the school with her face on it.

Emma Watson, who is widely known as the very smart and charming mudblood Hermione from the movie series Harry Potter, didn't disappoint her fans when she decided to be just like any normal kid by applying for full time degrees in both Oxford and Brown Universities. She just graduated with a Bachelor Degree in English at Brown, while still working in some independent and big Hollywood films at the same time.

James Franco, who is more popularly known as Seth Green’s significant other in most Hollywood comedy films and parodies, is also an ‘addicted’ school guy. This celebrity has been ‘chasing degrees’ as he studies from one university to another, thanks to his impressive degree portfolio. James Franco graduated with an English Degree in UCLA in 2008, a MFA at Columbia University in 2011 and currently he’s a PhD candidate at Yale University. On a more serious note, he is also considered one of the hottest actors in Hollywood today.

John Legend is one of the best musical artists, who also happen to be an English graduate in the University of Pennsylvania. It’s also where he first honed his musical talents he was also studying music in the same school. This singer of popular love songs like ‘Ordinary People’ and ‘All Of Me’ is also an active participant in giving addresses to fellow students from Penn and the Kaplan University.

Whether it’s getting into Diploma studies or a part time degree, it’s nice to know that these celebrities are much interested to pursue their studies besides the hectic schedules and gracing themselves in the limelight.