Psychological Analysis

By Alex Fields
Period 3

Critical Questio

What forces motivate the characters?

Jocasta's motivation

Jocasta believed the oracle that said her son will had kill his own father and husband. Jocasta realized to prevent this event from happening she will get rid of her baby son Oedipus.

The Poem"Scars"

The mother cares more for her husband than her son because he was hit by a baseball bat.

Lord Voldemort was Motivatied
by his own morealtiy

Lord Voldemort was afraid of dieing . he went throught percautions to keep him alive. He divied this soul in to 7 parts called the horcruxes he hid them so no one but him could find it. I someone destroyed all 7 thewould bie. he aslo killed a LOT!!! of people to keep him self safe and created his own army to protect him.

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