Beneatha by: Elijah Bryant


Beneatha is different from most in the Younger family, she wants to be a doctor, but shes a woman, she doesn't believe in  god, she wants to explore other ideas.



Beneatha wants to be a doctor so she can make enough money to take care of herself, instead of depending on the financial aid of a man.


"Alaiyo" means "one for whom bread is not enough. Beneatha is determined to be her own person, instead of this average black woman. She wants more from life than just "bread".


Beneatha wants to get in touch with the african side of her heritage, she wears african robes, dances around to african music, and lets her hair go natural.


Asagai describes Beneatha as assimilated, saying shes trying to hide her africanness by acting white. He uses her straightened out hair as an example to show how she assimilated by not leaving her hair naturally curly like most black womens hair are.


Beneatha rants constantly about civil rights and how she will be a doctor despite of what other think of her.

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