Percent of Change of Pro Hockey Players Salaries Since 1990 to 2014?

1990 most money made= 3,000,000$

2014 most money made= 14,000,000$

How the amount of money professional Ice hockey players has changed from 1990?

In 1990 Wayne Gretzky made the most money at $3,000,000$. In 2014 Shea Weber is making the most money at 14,000,000$. What is the percent of change?

11,000,000/3,000,000*100= 367% increase

Amount of money that will be made in 2038 14,000,000$*3.67= 51,380,000$ in the year 2038

          This 367% increase is a dramatic change over the years. From 3,000,000$ to 14,000,000$ is a lot more money. This shows me that the interest in sports has changed over the years. Clearly in 1990 there wasn't as much interest in ice hockey as there is today.

Here is the source I used for my information:

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