the heaviest and best life-essential element

Iodine facts

Iodine (periodic symbol I) is one of the most important elements that exist. It is essential in all forms of life, used in radiology, medicine, food, and water distillation. It melts at 237 degrees Fahrenheit, and boils at 364 degrees Fahrenheit. It will oxidize into a very strong acidic gas, and bonds with many other compounds and elements. It is atomic number 53, at group 17 and period 5.  Iodine is a halogen (nonmetal) and has 7 valence electrons, 53 electrons, 53 protons, and 74 nuetrons

Iodine sales pitch

Every living thing needs Iodine! it's the heaviest and best life-essential element! It is in our food, medicine, and is used to distill water. Without Iodine we wouldn't even exist! If you don't want to be lonely on your planet, you will definitely need iodine to artificially create the new animals and people! Also, if you find water on your planet, you're going to need to use iodine to mass distill it. Additionaly if you need medicine you are definitely going to need iodine. Heck, it's even an essential nutrient! who doesn't want Iodine!?!?

how Iodine is ranked

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