Roman Mythology

    "The Big 3"

    Jupiter- King of the gods; Son of Saturn; Brother to Neptune and Pluto; Ruler of the skies; Husband of Juno                                                                                                              Greek Form- Zeus

    Neptune- Ruler of the seas; Son of Saturn; Brother to Jupiter and Pluto                       Greek Form- Poseidon

    Pluto- King of the Underworld; Son of Saturn; Brother to Jupiter and Neptune                     Greek Form- Hades

    Other Major Gods

    Juno- The mother goddess; Wife of Jupiter; Mother of Romulus and Remus                         Greek Form- Hera

    Apollo- God of archery, music and medicine; son of Jupiter; twin to Diana                             Greek Form- Apollo

    Diana- Goddess of the Hunt and the moon; twin to Apollo; often represented as a silver stag or owl; Daughter of Jupiter                                                                                                          Greek Form- Artemis

    Minerva- Goddess of wisdom and strategies; Daughter of Jupiter; Was born fully and grown and clothed in full armor; Sister to Mars                                                                              Greek Form- Athena

    Mars- God of war; Son of Jupiter and Juno; Sister to Minerva; Was worshipped by the Romans before they went to war                                                                                                         Greek Form- Ares

    Vulcan- God of blacksmith and fire; Son of Juno and Jupiter; Husband of Venus; Hated by Juno                                                                                                                                                     Greek Form- Hephasteus

    Venus- Goddess of love; Born in the sea; Husband of Vulcan                                                      Greek Form- Aphrodite

    Mercury- The Messenger god; Son of Jupiter                                                                                  Greek Form- Hermes

    The Beginning

        In the beginning, there was Gaia, the earth, and Uranus, the sky. These two beings had children. These children where the one hundred handed ones, the giants, and the Titans. The Titans took control over the earth and placed their brother Saturn as their leader. After some years, Saturn had three children named Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. The brothers hated their father and the giants and planned to overthrow him when they grew older. When the time was right, the three brothers tied Saturn with a rope and chopped him up into a million pieces Then, they threw the pieces into Tartarus, the deepest, darkest part of the Underworld. Since there were three brothers and one throne, the brothers decided to draw sticks to see what which brother would rule. Obviously, Jupiter drew the largest stick which made him the king and the ruler of the skies. Neptune drew the second largest stick which made him ruler over the seas. This left Pluto as the king of the Underworld.

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