Leonardo Da Vinci would say to practice more to get better at it! He might would say to make sure your backwards letters closely match your normal letters and to try your best. He would tell me to straighten my Ds and practice writing level. Also, some of my letters look crooked so he might tell me to work on that.

The backwards writing in part A might would have seemed natural to him because he was left handed. Also, he was writing right to left, when right handed people write left to write.


This human body and the way she is standing is symmetrical. If you split her body down the middle, both sides would look reflected.


An airplane is a reflection down the middle. Its symmetrical because its equal on both sides. It has to be! If the airplane wasn't symmetrical it would never level off in the air.


A butterfly is a reflection because it is symmetrical. It has to have equal sized wings to fly.

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