Sand River Hunting 2012

We didn't get skunked, but darn close to it!

10 Great White Hunters Participated

It was the 52nd year of hunting the Sand River Property.  This year's hunters included Daune Kuss, John Godava, Duane Kuss, Doug Smith, Todd Kuss, Jerry Kuss, Jeramie Peterson, Chelsea Kuss, Josh Kuss and for the first time Landry Kuss.  It was a very dry year, with the only water flowing at the Partridge Creek.  For only the third time, in 52 years, no one shot a deer opening day Saturday.  Sunday morning, Jerry Kuss shot a little doe off the swingset stand just south of the Pine Tree.

Here's some funny video.

More great photos!

Here's Josh's Beaver Story

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