Digital Camera Chip Word Problem

A. Brown - Math II with Mr. Kirkland

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to solve the problem below:


Remember, the original formula is:

The problem says they want to produce 273 digital camera chips. Plug 273 into the formula by substituting n for 273.

You then take the number inside the radical and raise it to an exponential power. REMEMBER: IN OVER OUT. 273 is originally squared, and you are taking the cube root of 273 squared. So, the number inside the radical is 2 and the number outside the radical is 3, which makes the exponential power become 2/3. You then multiply 273^2/3 and 115, since the 115 originally was beside the radical expression indicating that you need to multiply 115 by the simplified answer of the radical expression. So, 115 * 273^2/3 = 4839.564435. The formula then tells us to add 1297 to the product.

The sum of 1297 and 4839.564435 is 6136.564435. The problem asks for the answer to be rounded to the nearest cent. So, 6136.564435 rounded to the nearest cent (or hundredth) is 6136.56.

It would cost $6,136.56 to produce 273 digital camera chips.

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