Iraq's Water Summit

                       Iraq's population

                       2014: 32.5 million

This graph shows how iraq's population has changed and is changing over time.

The population is growing and people are going to need more water and resources. People will become more selfish with sharing water with those who have non because there won't be enough to go around.

                         Water Needs

This graph depicts that the total withdrawal is higher so it doesn't work well.

                     External vs. Internal

This graph external renewable water that they get from outside the country, is better. It provides more which is exactly what Iraq wants.

                  Renewable vs. Whitdrawl

This graph depicts that Iraq gets less water from their own country, more from other countries. They do re-use a lot of the water they have.

                          Water Uses

This graph shows that Iraq is an agricultural region which means it makes most of its money on crops. It needs more water than other places that don't make money by growing their own food. Without enough water, there won't be any crops.

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