My Warriors Desc~ Mousefur

Mousefur is a small, soft furred,  wiry, compact,  skinny, dusky brown tabby she-cat with thick, glossy fur,  a skinny tail, and a graying head.

At a Gathering, she is pointed out by Dapplenose, and she is mentioned to still have grief clinging to her as a result of Longtail's death.

While hunting on ThunderClan territory, Tigerclaw spots Mousefur, Runningwind, and Thornpaw out on patrol. After Tigerclaw has killed Runningwind, he hears Mousefur and Thornpaw run away back to their camp. They soon return, and Mousefur screeches to hurry. Mousefur and Whitestorm fight bravely considering being terribly outnumbered.