1.  I disagree with the fact that people think power corrupts people who have it.  I believe that it depends on who the person is with the power and how they use it.  Adolf Hitler abused his power he did bad things with his power and in the end he ended loosing his life because of the way he chose to go with his power.

2.  I disagree with the fact that all people who break the law should be punished because some people out there in the world are breaking the law wether it's selling drugs, stealing or whatever it may be to just survive and be able to provide for there families,  they may not have a choice but to do that because their childhood didn't go so good and they didn't have the right amount of care from siblings or close people to the.

3.  I agree with the fact that being loyal to your family is important because the support you give them your most likely depending on them to give you support when you need it. The more support and care you give to your family the more they give back to you.

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3 years ago

Marques, your first paragraph needs an example of a leader who doesn't abuse power to support your idea. Your second paragraph has no end punctuation until the very end. Your final paragraph has no specific example. Please check that you are doing your best work.