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It has very good climate in the Southern region. During the summer there are 15 hours of daylight while during the winter, days are 8 hours of daylight. In summers the temperature can go up to about +25 degrees Celsius while in winters the temperature can drop to -8 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for anyone who likes the summer and is fine with the winter. The climate does not change that much it mostly stick to its normal rate.

I think the climate in the future will change mostly in the winter and it will become less of a cold climate. More polar bears are going to be drowning and the animals or insects will move to find a different habitat.

How does it look on a map?

So basically the Canadian Shield covers about half of canada, most of Greenland and apart of the Northern part of the United States. An area of about 4.4 million kilometers.

It's location according to Longitude and Latitude can be found. The Southern-most point is 89 degrees West and 49 degrees North.


Soil and vegetation

In the lowlands of the Canadian Shield (Hudson Bay area) the soil type is soggy and suitable for planting tress. While the rest of it has course soil and does not hold moisture so it is just frozen all year which is known as the "tundra".

The vegetation is mostly coniferous forest. In the south, the trees are long and close together while in the North the trees are smaller and not dense. In the North there is a spot where there is no forest and again this is in the tundra.

Rock types and Natural Landscape

It is made up of Precambrian rocks that are more than 570 million years old. Some of them are over 2 billion years old. These are the oldest rocks in North America. The rocks include: Igneous rocks eg: granites and Metamorphic rocks eg: marbles.

The natural landscape of the Canadian Shield is spectacular especially in the Southern part of the shield.

Risk of Natural Disaster

Human Activities

A lot of activities can happened at the shield for example in the summer you can go hiking, fishing etc. While in the winter you can go ice fishing, skiing etc.


In Ontario (Canadian Shield) they mostly have small earthquakes but oneday in the future I think they will have the biggest one yet.

Wedding arrangements and Hotel

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