Zhou dynasty

Micki Maxson

The Government

The Zhou leaders think that the Shang king is a poor ruler and that god's had taken away his power. The Zhou people think that the Shang king has been given the Mandate of Heaven. If the king governed his people well Heaven gave him the right to rule. If the king did not govern well Heaven would send signs like earthquakes and floods. The king had lost the help of Heaven so others had the right to overthrow him. After that Zhou and others believed in the Mandate of Heaven.


Some achievements that Zhou mad was the control system. This way the farmers could grow more crops than ever before. Also, Zhou learned how to use iron, which was cheaper than bronze. Zhou's iron weapons such as the catapult helped strengthen Zhou's army and Zhou introduced coins to China and began to use chopsticks.

The end of Zhou dynasty

The Zhou dynasty lasted from1045 to 256 B.C.E. The aristocrats that ruled the Zhou territories became powerful and they stopped obeying the Zhou kings.For almost 200 years they were battling each other. That's when historians started to call this time the "Warring States". After everything going down the disorder was becoming to be weakened. The Zhou dynasty allowed them to be conquered by the Emperor Qin and that's when the Qin dynasty began.

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