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We are introducing some exciting changes to our products!

Hi! You are receiving this newsletter because you are currently our web hosting customer and we would like to let you know about some new products as well as changes to your current account.

New Australian Hosting Product

We have been busy over the last several weeks to bring you even better web hosting and soon we will be rolling out our new Australian web hosting product.

Our new web hosting will replace your existing one and the migration of your account will start on the weekend of 2nd March. There will be no down time and all the migration process will be conducted in the background so you don't have to do a thing!

The new web hosting will be managed by Servers Australia who are currently in the top 5 web hosting providers in Australia. Their support turn around time is usually 30 min. and 24/7 so we felt we could offer better support to our clients as a result. What's more, we made sure certain features which we currently do not provide are present, such as daily backups, cron jobs and addon domains.

Why did we make the change?

Our current Australian hosting product has been managed by the same guys who own Crazy Domains, and they are one of the biggest web hosting providers in Australia. So why the move you ask?

Well it's a little complicated but here are some reasons why we felt the change had to happen:

  • Technical support requests took up to 1 week for a responce, often not adequately enough.
  • They provided weekly account backups, which we felt was not often enough
  • Your cPanel did not allow you to create cron jobs for task automation
  • They did not allow the creation of mailing lists from within cPanel
  • Communication in general was very poor
  • They did not alert us to any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, leaving us in the dark about why your site is down.

Did you know?

Traditional web hosting or also called 'shared hosting' is built to host several web sites on one server, so all the accounts are sharing the same resources. This keeps the costs down for you as the customer.

It has been our experience that most churches, businesses and personal clients are not aware that this type of hosting is not to be used as a file storage service, in fact, it is a breach of the shared hosting terms and conditions...globally!

How does this affect you?

The migration process will be handled by the guys at Servers Australia and should not result in any down time for your website.

We have however made some changes to our hosting plans which you need to be aware of, the new plans will be as follows:

  • 1GB Plan
  • 5GB Plan
  • 10GB Plan

These plans better reflect the actual usage requirements of our clients, given that shared hosting cannot be used for storing files that are not integral to the running of a website. So offering 25GB or 100GB or Unlimited space is unnecessary and not realistic, if anything it promotes the wrong behaviours, specifically clients using their hosting to store sermons, files and videos....which are not allowed on all shared hosting set ups world wide.

What plan will i be on?

In order to make the move as easy as possible we will be placing every account on the highest tier, i.e. the 10GB plan. Your existing expiry periods will remain the same.

We will notify you of your new account and how to login and manage your product once the migration has been completed.

Our request to you

If you are currently storing any files (audio, video, documents) on your existing account, we would like to please ask you to start removing these and utilising services such as Dropbox to store these files. You can then link to them from your website, so nothing has to change.

This will allow us to migrate your website quickly and efficiently to your new hosting.

Comments and/or Questions?

We understand that you might have some questions and/or comments about these changes. If so, please email us at, alternatively if you feel your question could be helpful for other's to see, then you can submit your comment below.

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