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Mark Adrian Tabios

"Explaining the problem of violence in school"

"Summary of the problem"

School Violence has been happening a lot in schools around the Kalihi area. More fights among students are taking place in school or after school. According to a joint report of the Departments of Education and Justice, violent crime overall has declined since the early and mid-1990s. However, this decline is relatively small. For example, the percentage of students who reported being victims of crime at school decreased from 10 percent in 1995 to 8 percent in 1999.

"Define the community that your problem affects"

This problem affects all of the school community especially Middle School and High School students. School fights happens a lot in schools in the area of Kalihi. Parent are getting more worried for the safety of their kids.

"How serious is this problem in your community"

Schools are taking a variety of measures to improve school safety. These include the use of metal detectors, the presence of security guards on campus, rules and regulations regarding student conduct and dress, profiling of potentially violent students, anti-bullying instructional programs, and counseling and mediation

"How widespread is the problem in your state or the nation"

This problem affects all of the schools worldwide. This problem not only affect urban schools but suburban schools as well. It targets mostly Middle School and High School student.

"Why is this a problem that should be handled by the government? Should anyone else take responsibility for solving the problem? Why?"

This is a problem that should be handled by the government because it is their job to make sure of the students safety. The government is the one who provide financial expenses for public schools so therefore, it is also their responsibility to make sure that schools are a safe place for students. Parents should also take responsibility for solving the problem. research has shown that parents who neglects their child's behavior cause the child to act irrationally and misconduct.

"The law for dealing with the problem is adequate, but is not well enforced"

Chapter 19 was created as a guideline for students. It contains laws and rules that they need to follow and the different types of Class Offenses. This policy helps to discipline the students by referrals, suspension, or expulsion. However, this policy does not completely stop school violence form happening. Students who causes violence care for the disciplanary actions of Chapter19.

"What disagreements, if any, exist in your community about this problem"

There are no disagreements about this problem. Everyone feels that school violence is a problem that needs to be solved.

"Who are the major individuals, groups, or organization taking sides on the problem"

Some of the major organizations whoa are against School are the National Center for Children Expose to Violence (NCCEV) and Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE). They are interested in stopping school violence. The advantage of their positions is that hteir supported by the government. They influence the government by encouraging them to create stronger and better policies to help stop school violence.

"What levels of government or government agencies, if any, are responsible for dealing with the problem? What are they doing about the problem?

The Department of Education and the U.S Government are responsible for this problem dealing with this problem because they support most of the public schools financially. They are creating new policies and rules and that is their way of dealing with this problem now.

This shows a graph of school violence. Also shows how it went down during the years.

this picture shows that a student are fighting in school



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