Billy the Kid

Tyrique WIlliams

Billy the Kid was born William Henry McCarthy in New York City, New York. He was shot  by Pat Garrett and there is 2 different versions of how he was killed. One says he failed to recognize Garrett in the poor light. McCarthy drew his revolver and backed away, asking "Who is it? Who is it?". Recognizing McCarthy's voice, Garrett drew his own revolver and fired twice, the first bullet striking McCarthy in the chest above his heart, although the second one missed and struck the mantel behind him. The second version, McCarthy entered carrying a knife, evidently heading for a kitchen area. He noticed someone in the darkness and uttered the words "Who is it? Who is it?" at which point he was shot and killed. McCarthy was not married and he didn't have any children. He was an outlaw and a gunfighter and he was also a member of the regulators gang. His prior jobs were being a livestock rustler, a cowboy, and a gambler. McCarthy was known for killing 8 people, he escaped prison, he was 21 when he got shot and killed, he is buried in fort Sumter, New Mexico, and he was known to be a neat dresser.

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