adage cat

once upon a time there was a cat that always wanted to be the bravest.He had lost eight lives defeating the nyan cat,bigfoot,,and the crazy cat lady.His name was bob.

Now he had heard a rumor that there was a huge barking thing called a DOG.It wasnt the only kind.This type of dog was an evil,godzilla like,CHIHUAHUA!Every cat was scared even bob.He wanted to be a show off to get all the cat girls.So he went on a journey to the backyard.He jumped through cat doors,windows,and the sliding door.

He walked outside,then he heard a strange noise bark bark bark.

everybody was inside.Then the dog charged,he said"hi im carlos wanna be my friend"?Bob said"never".So that was the last of Bob.They never found him.So that is why we never should show off.

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