Free Buffet!

                            Trenches in France, filled with humans for us to feast from!

Come my brothers!

Eat until you're stuffed in French trenches, lots of humans to feed off of! Stuck in the war, soldiers are stuck in trenches as they face off the enemy! Soldiers already weakened by malnutrition and not being able to get enough rations, they should be easy pickings. Perfect place to live in too, unsanitary and crowded, good to accommodate our needs of survival. Their body heat will help to hatch our eggs, and our children shall spread until we take over the world! Okay, that might not happen but we shall thrive and be able to feed 12 times a day, as recommended by lice dietitians. Of course, we must also share our space with the locals, the trench rats. They only feast on the trash humans have left behind, as well as their dead bodies, and they said they'd be glad to share it with us so long as we continue to transmit diseases to the humans to kill them.

So join me, in this all you can eat buffet of humans!

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