Drug-Testing for Jobs  

By:Rachel Doolen

My argument is to prove and show that drug-testing is not an invasion of privacy but a way for employers to keep the accidents down and be able to trust in their employees. Drug-testing also illuminates the race card and discrimination based on color.

The graph above actually depicts the use of drugs in the workplace.  The Full-time workers are in act using drugs.  Most companies use drug testing to defer workers from using.Drug testing shows commitment to a job, even if you have been using the worker might try to stop to pass the test. Drug-testing for most companies is not the first step. Many companies today will provide assistance services or have a drug-free policy.

This is how long drugs will stay in someone's system. Drug-tests may not be completely accurate with the use of drugs because the drugs exit the system.

Drug-testing puts prejudice aside and helps the employer hire an employee without judging them.  Not just black men but all races.


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