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Yellow Jello! If u didn't read my bio that's my way to say 'hi'. On this page I will blog and do other random stuff like my opinions about things happening in the world right now. And if nothing bad is happening currently I will....well IDK. I will update every few days so look out for those and well welcome to my page! :)

Feb 9th 2015

Yellow jello! As my first entry I'll talk about m opinion on the Michael Brown shooting. Cops don't suck these days, some of them not all. From what I heard is that Michael Brown was a suspect in a nearby robbery. The officer found him and told him to stop but Brown didn't. The officer warned him but Brown fought back. He punched the officer twice I think IDK and charged at him. The officer who by now is fearing for his own life tried to get in the car but couldn't. So he was all like "OMG some kid might kill me!" but not literary he didn't say that. Keep in mind that Michael Brown is still a kid and is 6ft tall, that is huge! In a panic the officer shot him in self-defense almost 12 times if I am correct if I'm not tell me!

   In my opinion Michael Brown shouldn't have fought back and raised his hands and the officer shouldn't have killed Brown that is going to far maybe electrocute him that is still bad. In my opinion if Brown still lived he might go to jail since he punched an officer and the cop should've got some charges for hurting a kid. But now Brown is sadly dead (moment of silence) and the officer has no charges. That is wrong, the officer should be charged with killing somebody even if you can attack somebody in self defense. So that's all for now peeps! See ya!