Crossroads@ Meade
Peace Day 2013

I will increase the peace by going to my little brother and sister school and do a program for the kids that need the help in school and having trouble fitting in with other kids. The name of my program will be called "Belmont Peace Program". The things I will be doing and the people or kids that help out be doing with these kids is making sure that get what is like to put together lots of help to your community of making it a better place. We also would be taking what they know in recycling and pollution and showing them that just don't recycle it but make a creation with it and about it like. We would be going to an open land where its like trash and grow a place where kids don't have to just look at it but explore it and play in it and make it a better place for those kids and even the adults. And that is what our subject it about today.

sincerely Asiah Nortehern