"I'm hardly distracted."

Say the people behind the 4,000,000 accidents in North America each year as the result of distracted driving.

               Distracted driving is a pretty big thing. Whether you like it or not, being on your phone at the wheel makes you dramatically more likely to cause an accident, or even worse, get a ticket, than paying attention to the road with your hands on the wheel. 80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes have some form of distracted driving involved. You may think, "that's not me, I can check my phone at a stoplight or dig around for that thing way at the bottom of my purse and drive just fine.", but that's exactly what they're talking about.

                 Even if you have some sort of distracted driving superpower and can avoid accidents while yapping on your phone or not, it's gunna be pretty darn hard to convince the police officer not to fine you for being on your phone or having a medium double double with a bagel BELT toasted with butter in your car.

Don't do it. This can happen to you.

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