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Issue 7 April 29, 2015

Tech commentary:

This month I want to take a closer look at the first question I posed to you last month: (What do I want my students to learn or know that is appropriate to the curriculum content that I am teaching?)

  • Remember that learning goals/outcomes do not place limits on what you can teach in a course. Instead, goals provide a map or signposts that tell students where the course is going.
  • Learning goals/outcomes can add to student’s sense of ownership in the learning process helping them feel like they are on the inside logic of the course instead of the outside.
  • Learning goals/outcomes can be a useful communication tool. Staff can describe their course to colleagues and students by beginning with their goals.
  • Academic Departments can gain a sense of curricular cohesiveness if multiple courses have learning goals.

April Digital News

The District Technology Department has written three White papers explaining the new policies that will be implemented across the district starting August of 2015. I have shared the links below to keep you informed, please read each carefully and share with your peers.

Second Annual Summer Technology Conference

Please check out the information in the Flyer Below and register by clicking on the Summer Registration Button below:


FlipBoard: Checkout this link to find out how teachers our using the FlipBoard app in their classrooms. Click Here

Tackk: (To view the video below on Tackk, make sure you unblock YouTube.)

Technology Tips

April's Technology Tips:

**Use a website like to "clean" your website links! By creating a clean URL for links to websites such a YouTube, you ensure that unwanted or inappropriate advertisements are hidden when you project websites on the screen or when students use them on a computer or tablet. Simply paste your link and click "Purify!"

**Use an iPad to snap a picture of notes on the board for students who are slow copiers or struggle to copy from a distance. The place it on their desk to make life easier for them and you! You could also print the photo for the student to place in his or her notebook.

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