The History Of The Trumpet

How Was The Trumpet Invented?

          The first trumpet was thought to have been made in Dublin Ireland in 1810.  The bugle maker and inventor, Joseph Holiday placed keys on a bugle and named what is now the modern trumpet, the "Kent Horn" or the "Royal Kent".  This was named after his military commander, the Duke of Kent.  It amazed people because it was the first bugle to be able to play the entire chromatic scale. It became especially popular after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  THe British public saw and heard this bugle for the first time during the celebrating.  Military bands adopted the instrument for its small and practical size. There were trumpets found in King Tut's tomb made of the metals copper, silver and bronze.  The entire history of the trumpet is yet to be completed. 

What Groups Have Played  The Trumpet Over Time?

        The trumpet has been played by many groups over time. It amazes me how long the instrument that I have been playing has been around. Today it is usually used in orchestras but if you go back it has been used by a lot more than just orchestras. In fact it was even played in 1500 B.C in ancient Egypt, China, South America, Scandinavia, and Asia. In fact they have played a part in almost every civilization over time. It has been used in the military, as signals, for religious events, and it has even just been used to celebrate for any occasion. But it has also been used sadly for military burials and flag retirings.  

What Changes Have Been Made To The Trumpet Over Time?

          The trumpet has changed a lot over time. The earliest ones date back to even the bible times. The ones now are so much different so the question is, how has it changed since then to these shiny complex instruments that we play today. They have gone from short to long to wide to thick and finally to the one that we know and love today. It has looked like a French Horn, a Trombone, a baritone, and a flat out straight out horn with a long loop.  

           These horns were found in king Tutankhamun's tomb. These horns are made of bronze silver and copper. It barely resembles the modern trumpet due to the lack of valves. Other trumpets that were around at the same time, although probably a lot less decorative as these ones, were used mainly as military signals. It was only able to play a few harmonic notes compared to all of the ones that we can now due to the valves.

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