Free Enterprise

By: Haley Sanders

Economic Freedom

The freedom to choose how to produce, sell, & use your own resources, while respecting others' rights to do the same. This photo represents economic freedom because she has bought the products she desires.

Voluntary Exchange

Voluntary exchange is the act of buyers and sellers freely and willingly engaging in market transactions. This photo represents voluntary exchange because she is buying what she would like.

Private Property

People privately own their own things and can do as they choose with them. This photo represents private property because someone owns the land and chooses to not have other people trespass on it.

Profit Motive

The ultimate goal of a business is to make money or a profit. This photo represents profit motive because it shows that businesses only really care about their profit.


Competition is the struggle between two or more sellers to attract the most consumers, in which they will either win the competition & prosper as a company or lose & have lower profits. This photo represents competition because two people are competing for something, much like businesses do.

Comment Stream

3 years ago

The picture for profit motive describes that characteristic perfectly. The video opened your eyes to how free enterprise really is a good thing. Also that it doesn't just work the United States, but for people around the world.

3 years ago

I admire your video. It opens the eyes of the American people and shoes how truly lucky we are.

3 years ago

The video you added to your project really tied everything together in my opinion. I think you really did a great job at explaining the key topics in this section and you had great pictures to help back up your information.