Meet Petey

The Independent Cat Society 3-Legged Miracle Kitten

“Kitten season” is the time of year when litters of kittens start showing up everywhere: under decks, in sheds, behind bushes, and almost anywhere the mama cat find where she might hope for safety to raise her babies. Many of them end up at our door.

Petey came to ICS on a Sunday during kitten season. It was late in the afternoon. He was brought in late one Sunday afternoon just as the volunteers were winding down after adoption hours by a kind person who had noticed him by the side of the road. At first glance, the tiny tuxedo kitten looked like any other newcomer, a typical adorable ball of fluff. But a closer inspection revealed that this one was badly hurt; one of his back legs was limp and probably broken. Petey needed help right away, and ICS volunteers were there to provide it. Off he went immediately to get veterinary care.

Petey's story doesn't end there, however. An ICS volunteer immediately noticed that one of his back legs was limp. In fact, Petey's life had already been rough. He had suffered a major injury to one of his back legs; he had been dragging his crumpled leg out there on his own. A local vet, after x-rays, determined amputating Petey's leg was the only option. Petey had the surgery and was taken to an experienced ICS foster home to recover. Within the span of just four weeks, Petey went from being a “ stray, injured kitten” to a "true survivor," a playful, gentle, little spirit who could be on his way to someone who will love his courage and care for him. Our now 3-legged Petey is ready, willing, and able to give all he has to that special family who is able to give him the safety of a forever home.

We wanted to share the story of Petey with you not just because Petey is special, even though of course he is. We wanted to share this story because Petey is special and his story illustrates the ICS mission. Our goals are to provide sanctuary for all homeless cats and kittens in our communities, to help them find their forever homes, and to prevent pet overpopulation. We don’t want more to suffer the same traumas that Petey has suffered in his young life, because we believe that each kitten is not “just another” cat. With your support, together we can help Petey and others. We know every cat is special; each one has the right to a happy, healthy home.

Can you help us to continue to carry out our mission? For 37 years, we have worked for the same goals, and thanks to your generous support, cats like Petey are helped. Helping animals in our community is a team effort, and YOU are the most valuable member of our team. Helping Petey cannot happen without you and your donations of dollars, food, time, and support. Let’s work together to help Petey and others find safety and security. It takes all of us.

Thank you for your help and support.

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