To be a College Professor.

What does it take to be one?

Description of Career:

College proffesers teach higher educational level classes at colleges and universitys while still conducting research of their own in the field they are teaching.

What does it take to be a Proffeser?:

To be a college professor there are plenty of things that are important for a person needs to be and be able to do, but there are a few very important ones.

For one, having a thirst for knowledge is apparent   At this point in you educational carrer you have already acquired a doctorate degree and those take quite a bit of time, comfortable and intellect.  If you dislike learning a strongly suggest that you do not go into this field.

The ability to teach is one that is most commonly known to come to people naturally, however; a person could learn to to be conferrable teaching others.  One of the main factors in being able to teach is the element of patience in your character.  Think of the times in your schooling when you were not understanding a concept, what if your teacher had not been patient at you when you were trying to tacle a difficult subject? I would have been had to lear huh? Patience is a key element to being a professor.  One can not be to lenient and patient though.  The right amount is nessecery.

The yearning to help others is the main one.  All of your teachers that you have ever had, no matter what it seemed like, have just wanted to help you.   They wanted to help you further your goals, intelligence and mostly you own person.  They want and/or wanted to help you become a better person the best person that you can be.  Even though (if you become a professor) your students will be "grown ups" they have not finished growing up.  They are there asking you for help to better there lives so you must try to help the better themselves in the process.  

The Education level required to be a Proffeser are all of the below:

1. Highschool Diploma or GED

2. Bacolers Degree.

3. Mastors or Doctorial Degree,(Ph.D).

Futrure Job outlook in this career:

US. Anuual opeanings - 58, 610

Predicted growth rate - 17.4%

This occupation is very large with much variety.

Salery Range per year (only aplies to English and Literature Proffesers):

51, 930 - 89,560

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