Annie Oakley

Moesha Hendricks

Birth Name: Phoebe Ann Oakley Moses. Legend Name: Annie Oakley. Death: August 13, 1860; Cause of death was pernicious anemia. Marriage: Frank E. Butler. Family: Sister-Emily Brumbaugh & Sarah Ellen Mosey. Parents- Jacob Moses & Susan Wise Moses

Her reputation was Princess of the West. She was a famed female sharpshooter. She's a good person. in 1904 a case saying she was stealing to a fund of cocaine addiction. She is considered a hero. She started shooting thats why she on the list.

She was apart of the Patty Cannon Gang also known as the Cannon/Johnson Gang. The leader was Patty Cannon. This was a criminal gang. Her jobs was being in shooting exhibitions & other western shows.

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