Tool:  Powtoon

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson participants will be able to:

  1. List the types of visual deliverables that can be created in Powtoon.
  2. Explain how Powtoon may be used to advance their business goals.
  3. Use Powtoon to create a 30-60 second animated video.

Pre-Session Preparation

(15-30 minutes)

In order to prepare for this lesson, learners will:

  1. Gather specimens of their business (a) brochures (b) flyers (c) web landing page (d) coupons (e) form correspondence -- letters and/or email.
  2. Read this article regarding the perfect elevator pitch.
  3. Write a 30-60 second elevator pitch introducing themselves, their service and/or their product.

Live instruction via Webex

(30 minutes)

The Webex will begin with this poll from Poll Everywhere and use the poll results to drive introduction of the types of visual products that can be created in Powtoons and how to integrate them into an existing or future marketing plan.  This will be followed with a viewing of the Powtoon that was used to market this series of workshops and a brief explanation / demonstration of the basics of using Powtoons.  Conclude with an explanation of the hands-on, independent work and deadlines.

Independent / Hands on Activities

(1 hour)

View tutorial videos and templates on Powtoons website.   Play with it!

Use source material from business materials gathered and elevator speech drafted during prework to create a 30-60 second video using Powtoons.


(15-30 minutes)

Each participant will:

  1. post the link to their  30-60 second Powtoon animated video in the Tackk created for this purpose;
  2. provide feedback to the workproduct of at least 3 others and;
  3. draft and post a short summary of their opinion of the tool, whether or not they think they will use it in the future and how.