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Introducing Me, Chasity Wiener

I am NOT a garden expert—I never acquired a green thumb, I suffer from seasonal allergies, and my houseplants think that “TAPS” is their anthem. However, I am a wife and mom, and "Pastor in training" (AKA "seminarian") at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.

When I am able to visit my garden, untended and overgrown, I am reminded that God continues to tend to that which I could not. Faith began in a garden and I frequently reflect on how God is working in my life—through the thick of life’s weeds, the grubs who jeopardize the harvest, and the blossoms who, despite the cold winter’s frost, faithfully spring forth each year.

January Hopes

In this cold winter season, I find myself longing for warmer weather and signs of life.  Instead, dormancy and death dominate in our landscape.  I find this is also true in people's lives...people seem to be aimlessly meandering through their barren and empty landscape in hope that their faith will spring forth signs of life and renewal.   We reside in a shrinking world who is more socially connected and yet neighbors are the farthest from any speaking terms.  This busy life is barren—so much that life is lived through a variety of daily sufferings— and God’s people are in need of fertile ground.

For January, I am in search of answers to these questions: 1) Are we able to more effectively use those "social connections" to provide a lifeline to contemporaries who feel the cold draft of their winter of faith, while awaiting spring's arrival?  2) More importantly, how can I use media to serve multi-generational audiences without isolating any one particular demographic? #ltsg4.400

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3 years ago

Good to see you here, Chas!

3 years ago

Thank you for this introduction. You have a beautiful family. Pax, Jerome