My Memorial Day

A life of service is a life not wasted

Disclaimer: The Grammar of this may suck and it may read a little jumpy.

I was asked a few days ago, why after two deployments and what seems like a never ending rotation of time away from home, do I still do it. The answer, THIS.

For Kristen Robison Boeh, Kylie and Piper Anne, for country, for GOD. Freedom seems like an expendable novelty to some. This feeling of course is not by fault but by GRACE. The men and women who have placed their personal needs aside for that of others, over the long course of our history, have shaped the America we live in today. They have given us a country in which pride comes with birth. I do not speak for all but let me speak for many when I say that the blood, tears and pain both external and internal are a reward for putting on a uniform. Our military and our heroes take pride in bearing these burdens and the weight of our country. Those that wear a uniform are not normal, they aren't like everyone you will meet, their favorite colors are RED, WHITE AND BLUE. They wake up as leaders and go to bed as heroes. They are cut from a different cloth. . They operate while the rest of the country is going on about their lives and THAT IS OK, thats the way they want it! You are supposed to enjoy weekends like this, the minute you can not or do not is the minute the soldiers will feel as if they have let you down. They fight, they cry, they laugh and they spend years in foreign lands... So that we never live in a country where we can't share pictures of unforgettable moments. GOD speed to those who have given their lives and their souls for this country.