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5 iOS Apps to Support Mobile Learning

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Below is a collection of 5 iOS apps that could be used to support mobile learning in a K-12 classroom.

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This app is great for students of all ages. As the name suggests this app creates a digital deck of flashcards that can then be shared with others by iMessage or E-mail. Flashcards+ also allows you create multiple decks of cards for different classes or topics and keeps track of the cards you've learned. For auditory and visual learners, the app can dictate the words on the cards and allows the creator to include images via the device's camera. Flashcards+ could be most beneficial to students by aiding them in studying for exams. The app does not require the use of the internet so studying can be done from anywhere.

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myBlee is a math app geared towards elementary aged students. The app includes instruction and practice problems in a number of different areas including lengths, volume and mass geometry, counting and place value. Students and teachers can choose the level of instruction (pre-k to 6th grade) while the app tracks the students progress at each level. The app could be used in conjunction with face-to-face lessons by assigning practice problems from the app as homework. By doing so, students would be gaining practice and the tutorial section of the app would act as an aid to students who are  struggling with the lesson.

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Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is an art app that lets you express and perfect your ideas without the mess and waste of using real paint, pen, pencils and paper. The app lets you experiment with different colours and tools to sketch, write, draw, outline and colour. In a classroom of young student's Paper could be a teacher's best friend as it encourages students to be creative yet with half the mess and hassle of using real art materials. Paper also lets you share your drawings, sketches and paintings with others using Paper.

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EarthViewer is an app that shows the formation and changes in earth's tectonic plates, climate, fossils, impact events and extinctions. The app also gives explanations of climate change, the greenhouse effect, the geological carbon cycle and the movement of the tectonic plates. EarthViewercould be used for mobile learning by students as a supplementary resource to an assigned textbook.  The app is free for iOS devices and it enables students to explore the history of the planet in a fun, interactive way.

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Endless Reader

Endless Reader is an app to help young readers learn the most commonly used words in children's literature. The app has 3 levels of words. On each level, the word is scrambled and the reader must rearrange the letters to form the correct word. Then the reader is given a sentence with missing words and the reader must arrange the words to create a proper sentence.  The app also helps young readers make connections between the sounds and shapes of different letters as it dictates the sounds the letters make. Similarly, EndlessReader reinforces the sounds of the whole words used in the sentences and then dictates the sentence. Endless Reader targets a younger age group and therefore it's unrealistic to assign work from this app as structured homework for students. However, it could be used in class by teachers or shown to parents as something they may want to encourage their child to use at times when they're not in school.

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