6th grade was not as hard as I imagined it to be .There were fun times but not as fun as 5th grade .Most of the fun times were on the track and some were in the cafeteria and most hard work was in math and thats all you need to know- John

Ok, luckily, 6th grade wasn't as hard as it seemed.I thought there was going to be a lot of homework in 6th grade but there wasn't.Dont remind teachers about homework.If you do they will give you even more homework. To me, math was the easiest class- Ashfiq


        COMPARING 5th and 6th grade

   5th Grade: Recess, 3 teachers, 3 classes, active boards and computers used in the  classrom.

6th Grade: Track, 6 teachers, 6 classes, projectors, Ipads and computers in the computer lab.

Alike: Outdoor activities and computers.




Missing the bus-[Eat breakfast quicker]

Having a hard time at lockers-[Practice makes perfect]

Problems with time-[Get up earlier]

School food is disgusting-[If so, bring your own lunch]\

Getting bullied-[Tell a teacher]

Falling asleep-[Pay attention in class]


A: You take to long at lockers  A: Go to the bathroom/restroom without asking                 B: You get locker suspension   B: You get ISS {In School Suspension}

A:You say a bad word                    A: Talk too much in class   A: You get into fight

B: You get sent to the front office  B: You get lunch detention  B: You get suspended



To me being a successful 6th grader is being a smart, friendly, and determined. Some people think being popular is a very important thing but they do not take the time to see what is more important then being popular. Those people don't see that being smart is a very important thing and that it helps you a lot later in life. Being friendly is different from being popular. Being popular, you usally have a group of friends whom you only hang out with. Being friendly you can make anyone your friend. Most of all being determined is very important, because you can then achieve anything you would like to.


                            MY CHOICE!

My expertise in Madras Middle School was/is math. I have had all A's in math this year and I get a 90%-100% on almost everything.Our math teacher, Ms. Rosser taught us very well this year by showing us easy ways to do math and giving out wise words of wisdom. Most of the math I learned in one day in math. Hopefully math is as easy as this year was in 7th grade. I have had great year here so far. Actually now that I think about it I've had fun in all my classes. Goodbye Successful 6th and hello Scintillating, Unknown, Mysterious, 7th.


My expertise is video games I play them mostly when i have free time. All the games i have i've beaten. One game took me two years to finish. Most games took me about a day to get the hang of it.I always put it on the hardest mode that it can be set to. My favorite game s are first person shooters. I hope one day that you can get inside a game and actually play it. I haven't bought a single bad game yet. Farewell all old games I

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