Anyone want to join my collaborations?
(Delayed due to technical problems...)

(Read: This is a notification as my computer is dead, sort of. Gaming will be away, sadly, but hey...I need help for that. I wish for the best of others and request help to get the computer that fits my budget overall. Just ask me if you like in the comments below)

I am a YouTuber, obviously, and haven't recorded much. Sure, it sounds greedy but I really don't like working alone. Reason why is already stated and I enjoy gaming with my buds. Don't worry, I'll mention yah if you have an account.

My YouTube channel and stuff. (Picture might be updated from time to time)

Heads or Tails?

It's your choice. Heads is likely a yes and Tails is a no. Pretty obvious, though. I do like the support, especially for my channel. (Oddly, I like these images of the Lutece Twins. They do have some thought with how they act...)

Well, what's your choice?

Comment down below for what you want to say. I'll update this Tackk a good amount of times. It'll be updated at the top of the page for the days I want to play. Be sure to check daily for these notifications.

Well, why not?

Just another silly but odd image for yah. Don't forget to leave a comment below and check this Tackk for times and days of collabs. They'll be awesome but varies. See you all!