TEKS: 1(A)- demonstrate an understanding of the historical foundations of education and training in the United States

This picture relates because he says education is the passport to the future which shows that it is what helped build it today.

TEKS: 2(C)- Demonstrate behaviors and skills that facilitate the learning process

This relates because behavior and skills is apart of culture because culture isn't just inherited it is learned.

TEKS: 3(B)- communicate effectively in situations with educators and parents or guardians

This shows that communication needs to be strong between the parent and the teacher.

TEKS:4(B)-Explain the rationale for having a fundamental knowledge of the subject matter in order to plan and prepare effective instruction

This quote shows that teachers need an understanding to teach.

TEKS: 5(A)- describe characteristics of safe and effective learning environments

This shows that students need to feel safe within their learning environment.

TEKS: 6(A)- describe the role of assesment as a part of the learning process.

This ties in with it because teachers prepare you for the test.

TEKS: 7(C)-use the support of fsmily members, communinity members and business and industy to promote learniing.

This shows that support from all these things are essential to learning.

TEKS: 8(A)- describe the role of technology in the instructional process

This comes into play because it shows that technology is the new way of learning.

TEKS: 9(A)- describe teacher and trainer characteristics that promote ethical conduct

This shows that conduct is well needed.

TEKS: 10(B): document,assess, and reflect on instructional experiences.

This shows that we can reflect on things that we remember learning.

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