Siberian Tiger


A Siberian Tiger is also known as Amur. A Siberian Tiger is reddish-rusty or rusty-yellow with narrow black tranverse  strips. It also has faded green eyes with a black outline around both eyes. A Siberian tiger has short legs with a fairly long tail. It weighs  about 117.9 kg  and it is 11.4 feet long.


A Siberian Tiger's habitat is in Eastern Russia, parts of China and in North Korea.


A shelter for a Siberian Tiger is everywhere. Sometimes the even take it from animals if they have to . A normal shelter for a Siberian iger are caves and also space around trees.

Biological relationships

The Siberian  Tiger's predators are poachers who kill the for medicine. Its prey are Wild Boars, sometimes Deer and brown or black Bears.

                                                       Adult Tiger

                                                           Child Tiger

                                                         Cub Tiger

Life Cycle

A female Siberian Tiger givers birth to two to six cubs with no help from the male. Cubs do not hunt until they are 18 months. Cubs stay with their mother until they are two to three years old.

Food Chain/Web

A Siberians Tiger's  food chain starts with the producer which is grass then the primary consumer who is a deer that gets eaten by a wild Boar so the animal who eats them all is a Siberian Tiger.


A Siberian tiger's biome is a Tundra biome. A Tundra biome is a frost-molded  landscape it is also the coldest biome.

Interesting Facts

Siberian Tigers can see in the dark six times better than a human. It is also the worlds largest cat. A Siberian Tiger's paw prints are called pug marks.

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