Historical Figure Facebook Project

Joseph Banks
Cheyene Strickland
Computer Science Class
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia, PA)

I choose Joseph Banks because he looked interesting to do research on. I wanted to research someone who had something to do with nature. Joseph Banks was the perfect person do the Facebook project. I found out a lot of things about him. I didn't know anything about him in the beginning.

He died June 19, 1820. He was a married man. Joseph Banks was president of the Royal Society. He also was a Botanist. He was famous for many things. He only had one really close friend who he would go fishing with. He traveled studying different types of fish and other stuff. His mother moved away from him, when his father died. After a couple of years being married, Joseph and his wife had a kid. Now he has a school named after him (Sir Joseph Banks High School). Those are a couple of things I learned about Sir Joseph Banks

Joseph Banks Video