The Season Has Come...

Evie G.

I walk outside to feel the crisp cool feeling in the air. The beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves fall to the wet,mushy ground. I smell the gooey wet crisp feeling air that gives me a crisp of cold on my arm. The taste of my mom’s pumpkin muffins and fresh apple cider makes my taste buds pop. My favorite thing to have for lunch is grilled cheese with tomato soup Yum! I can’t wait until Halloween and Thanksgiving comes along! Seeing costumes, and eating candy that’s Halloween to me. Thanksgiving to me is getting family together and having a big feast with turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, and green beans is my favorite to have. I jump into a pile of leaves and I fall to the mushy green ground and watch the orange, yellow, red, leaves fall on me. I’m glad that summer is over no more sweat yuck! And this is why this is my favorite season!

By: Evie